Tuesday, 3 June 2014


Sunday, 21 November 2010

If you came here expecting a music to download...

The chances are that you came to this blog looking to download music, specifically Jazz/Rock or Fusion. Unfortunately this and many other blogs were removed by Google after DMCA complaints were issued. Currently this blog is under construction while alternative legal music download links to the original music are set up.

In the interim, please consider that illegal music downloading is not an offense that the record companies are taking lightly. Individual users have been targetted, and when this happens, the consequences can be quite serious legally, both for the provider and the end-user actually downloading the music. Nor is it the case that afficianados of more specialist genres such as Jazz Rock/Fusion can escape any attention from legal notices, as may or may not have been the case in the past.

Happily there are some services already online and/or being developed which allow free or close to free legal music downloads, and are expanding their range to incorporate more niche and specialist musical genres such as Jazz Rock.

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